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About Us Where we come from

  • Sep 2020

    Creation of simcubator

  • Mar 2021

    First Workshop

  • May 2021

    1st simcubator completed

  • Sep 2021

    Expansion to Rwanda

    Growth to 14 members and expansion to start the program in Rwanda

  • Oct 2022

    2022-23 Generation of simcubator

    Both simcubator Rwanda and Bangladesh launched applications of the program.

  • May 2023

    2022-23 simcubators complete

    The second year of success for simcubator in Bangladesh with 9 start-ups coached. The first year in Rwanda coaching 5 start-ups.

  • October 2023

    2023-24 Generation of simcubator

    Two teams: one group of 7 for Bangladesh and one group of 8 for Rwanda will offer the program again hoping to coach amazing start-ups again.

Our Story

The simcubator journey started during the Covid-19 pandemic by SIMmies who wanted to put their skills to use and enable local entrepreneurs. We firmly believe that by empowering local entrepreneurs, who have the qualified insights to create businesses that meet the needs of their local communities, as well as by helping to cultivate the entrepreneurial culture, we enable local change and maximize our impact as simcubator. We are targeting a ripple effect that local entrepreneurs building a sustainable future for their community will inspire more young talents to follow in their footsteps.

simcubator started in Bangladesh to enhance the local healthcare system by supporting and coaching Bangladeshi startups.

After successfully implementing the first round of simcubator, in 2021, SIMmies decided to spread the simcubator spirit to another location: Rwanda. Here, the focus lies on enabling Rwandan entrepreneurs aiming to improve education and sustainability aspects.

Now, both locations have proved to have sustainable partners, incredible entrepreneurial talent, and exciting results from the bootcamp. Starting in October of 2023, a new generation of SIMmies is offering the simcubator program in both Bangladesh and Rwanda. Continue to watch our social medias to see the most recent team updates.

About Us Meet our team 15 people - 12 nationalities

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Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari, MD SIM-HSG

“During the SIMagination Challenge students are required to independently plan, execute and reflect upon a challenging international initiative of transformational nature, which aims at leaving a positive and sustainable impact in our society.”

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